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Name Subfolders
Block Bonez Sparkles, Contract
Poodle & Friends Mint, Staking, Sparkles Poodle
Doodle Bunny Mint , NFT staking sng tournaments
GeckoTerminal Pools (flr, sgb)
FeatherSwap Swap, Liquidity, 36 Farms FTHR
Bluebird Mining , Rewards , Wrapped, BBX
Astral Credits White Paper , Pixel Planet , Sparkles , Flare Ocean , Explorer: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, NISHI XAC
Floor Sweepers
The SongBird Poodle Sparkles
Pixel Plants (FLR, SGB) SEED
Dragons Lair Genesis, Roadmap, Precious Jewels, Link Tree
Test Faucets Towo Labs, tEXFI , XDC Apothem
BlazeSwap Swap , Pool , Rewards , Test mint
Pangolin Swap, Pool & Farm, Stake, Airdrop, Bridge, Charts, App
OracleSwap Swap, Pool, Stake, NFT Staking, Farm, Analytics, docs, PRONFTMultiStaking , Vault
Nexus Claim, Mint, Celestials
The Phoenix Project sPHX
xToadz sToadz , Lux Loft , SGB City sRibbits
CYBRs Roadmap , Votes CYBRS
Ēnosys Swap, Liquidity, FLRFarm FLRLoans, FLRDrops
Ēnosys Bridge, testnet farms , Ēnosys Bridge Guide
Cooties Staking ( V1 , V2 ) COOT
Flaremingos Governance
Flaremingo Frens
evmAllowance Revoke allowances
Astral Credits on Github Astral-Credits-Bot (Coin flip, Hello Mokuzai)
flareocean metrics, Marketplace
XRBee Project Minting ( Beevil , Premiership ), Staking
Sparkles: ( Beevil , Long Live The King , The Ripplers Tickets , Premiership Strikers 2022/3 )
tipwithspark Activity
TradingView BTC, XRP, FLR, SGB
CoinGecko Oracle, Prophet, XAC
GeckoTerminal Oracle, Prophet, XAC, COOT
CoinTrader.Pro BTC, XRP, FLR, SGB
Bitrue BTC, XRP, FLR, SGB Discourse, docs, Account, Voting, dev, Setup, Coston2 api , Data Providers , Contract Addresses FLR
Flare Community Lucky Claw ( ) ( ) FCC
Sparkles Explore, Stats
flaredashboard Team Info, Operation History, Build Plans
Towo Labs CFLR faucet, C2FLR
flareoracle Delegate, Wrap, Metrics Wrap, Delegate, Rewards
flaremetrics Check Rewards
Best NFTs, Delegate, Sparkles
flr finance FLRX, FLRFarm, FLRLoans, Drops (Coston), Browse FLR, SGB
Sparktans Gecko , Neefty, Pangolin , Sparkles , $SPRK
ConnectEverything Newsletter
Bazooka Chicks Visualizer
Solidify Flare, Songbird, XRPL
Solidity Linkedin Learning, StateOfTheDapps, SolidityLang, remix,
Hardhat Ethereum development environment for professionals
Building Web3 Decentralized Apps in Ethereum
TheGraph 3rd party provider GraphQL
Pepe's Staking alchemy
Citizen Of Gokubi MINT, Swap, 5 Farms, 2 Pools, NFT Pools, Neefy, Whitepaper, Sparkles, Hostinger GKB
The Council Of AI Sparkles
AvaScan AvaScan & Arkham